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 Ardyss uk, and Body Magic reshaping garment may you drop

1 uk & europe size.

If you have very soft body tissue you can drop 2 maybe 3 uk dress Sizes.

In America they count from zero 1 2 3 etc upwards in the United Kingdom & Europe we count the sizes in two's.

Hence American's can say drop up to 3 sizes.  

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Above Video wearing a Body Magic

   Below: Picture 

Wearing A Corset Golden & Panty Reshaper






How does it work?, You asked us how to drop 2-3 dress sizes ?

 Using a very simple and easy to follow 2 step programme,

 you can within minutes lose those extra pounds and


 Imagine not feeling guilty on special occasions

 for having those extra treats.

 You have probably tried other systems or diets -

 bland and tasteless foods

 - trying to find the time and effort to go to the gym.

 Well do not stress any longer as our proven system works

 and has been designed by the professionals

 who advise people like  you to use different methods

 of losing weight, but guess what?

 Size is not an issue as we start at a UK size 6 - UK 30,

 other sizes can be made to order remember  your wardrobe

isn't complete without an Ardyss Reshaper.

 Imagine dropping 2-3 Dress sizes and receiving a

 Tummy Tuck and breast lift in only 10 minutes.

 The Body Magic corrects your posture

 by supporting your shoulders  gently by pulling them back.

 It helps straightens the back, reduces the waistline,

 lifts the buttocks, minimizes the hips,

 thins your thighs and avoids flaccidity.

 It also helps reduce your waistline and aids

 in improving your posture.

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Ardyss reshaping garments

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  Sizes available from a 4 up to  UK size 30 & XXS TO XXL,