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From being in bankruptcy and stressed, to be in shape, debt free and happy! 






I am Danisha Thomas from Mitchellville, MD. Prior to ARDYSS INTERNATIONAL, I was a broke hairstylist, drowning in $30,000 of debt, stressed out, and trying to figure out how to make ends meet. I enrolled with a business builder package and recurring order in February 2009, lost 22 lbs, 6 inches off my waist, paid off ALL $30,000 of debt in 18 months and am now DEBT FREE, and have earned over $160,000 with an average of 10 hours/week of effort in less than 3 years!. 

An appointment with Ardyss has TRULY changed my life. I suggest you get started now and start your Ardyss journey today! 

I have lost 40 lbs and made close to 10K with Ardyss ! 

Health | 01.Febuary


 My name is LaToya Pinkney, from Washington, DC. 









Prior to finding Ardyss International, i was a struggling, over weight, depressed, hair stylist just barely making ends meet. I had been battling with my weight for about 10 years, with no results. Maybe 5-10lb weight loss here and there, but nothing to help me keep going. I tried every kind of shot,pill,diet plan but nothing ever seemed to work. 

A good friend introduced me to Ardyss with a Body Magic and Levive instantly, i was so happy about the way i looked; and felt so much better as a result. My first 3 weeks of using the 2 Step System I lost 15lbs. Because i was not consistent with using the system the weight came back, but when i got serious, I lost 16lbs in 4 weeks. I am now 40lbs liter and I have made close to 10k with this company working it part time I feel better than ever, Im getting so many compliments on my weight loss success. 

I am a firm believer that these products can work if you allow them to. An appointment with Ardyss has changed my life! 


What happened to your shape after your pregnancy…? 





The baby arrives the house is full of new routines, and you may be feeling overwhelmed and with little encouragement. It doesn’t help to look in the mirror and not see the slender figure of months ago. 

Did you know? There are 10 tricks to successfully recover your shape. 

10 Tips to help you lose weight after pregnancy. 
Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day. Replace sugar drinks like soda and juices with water and a squeeze of fresh lemon. You can also try flavored water that has no calories. 
Keep healthy snacks on hand such as raisins, fruit, wheat crackers and nuts. Eat lean meats such as boneless chicken and leaner cuts of beef. 
Eat whole grains (breads, cereals, pastas) instead of “white” 
Do not be fooled by foods that are labeled as fat free. Some are loaded with fat that are not report. 
Resist the temptation to enjoy fast food, or if you do, ask for a salad and not something fatting like a hamburgers and French fries. 
As soon as you feel ready, begin light exercise. If the weather is fine take a 10 minute walk with your baby every day and gradually increase the time to 20 minutes per day. 
Look for easy ways to increase your exercise like parking farther or taking the stairs instead of the elevators. 
Breastfeeding uses your store fat! Breastfeeding burns about 500 calories per day, so the longer you breastfeed the more calories you burn. 
Consider joining a gym or arrange with a friend to take turns babysitting. Some gyms offer day care services. Get informed! 

Just remember it took nine months to gain weight, give yourself at least that long to lose it. 

In Ardyss we have the post-partum belt that will be a great ally in your recovery and help you improve your appearance especially internally; it lifts the lower stomach to appear flatter and smoother. Helping you recover your figure faster. The Bra Angel is another garment that has a huge advantage at this stage of your life where the most important thing is to feed the baby, but also prevent sagging and pain due to the breast augmentation when breast feeding. Besides proper nutrition, remember that Ardyss gives you alternatives in supplementing those needs with our products that can help you every step of the way such as: Multi-plus, Coral calcium, Omegas 3, 6, 9, and Nutrishake. 

Life is something exceptional and you are part of it, motherhood is a wonderful gift. 


Did you know that if you stop eating you will gain weight? 

PRODUCTS & HEALTH | 01.Febuary





Seems illogical that if a person does not eat, or eats very little, such conduct does not lose weight. This affirmation has its scientific reasons which have been well demonstrated. 

Did you know that if you stop eating you will gain weight. It sounds strange but you have to eat to lose weight. Prolonged fasts or “pseudo “diets where one reduces food intake to extremes do not help weight lost. 

When a person stops eating, apparently they look thinner, but this effect is transitional. In fact they could regain the weight lost or worse gain more. 

Reason #1: Starving bodies will consume muscle mass firs before consuming body fat. Razon #2: As we eat less, we are not losing weight at first, but water weight therefore we now suffer from dehydration. Reson #3: Our body and our metabolism slow down and burns less calories. 

When a person go’s on a starvation diet, it can cause them not to lose weight, because they eat less and potentially may spiral into a very dangerous problem. 

Not all diets fit every person, we must follow a proper diet according to each individual is age, sex and activity. For each individual case is different. 

When we diet properly all we need to do is be patient and wait for results. 

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