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This Detox Natural Tea is to be drunk once aday. 


  • Reduce your bloating
  • Support your metabolism
  • Help maintain a healthy immune system
  • Boost your energyDetoxify your system
  • Decrease your water retention
  • Cleanse your digestive system



Cherry Stalk, Birch LeavesBuckthorn, Fennel, Senna Leaves, Juiper Berries, Rosehip,Raspberry Leaf, Yarrow Herbs. Flavoring.


Just add Hot water in a Mug Steep for 3 mintues you can leave the Tea bag in or remove it leaving it in makes a stronger Brew. Can be drunk cold once it is made with hot water allow to cool down.


One month taking tea then have a two weeks brake, you can then have another month taking the Tea.

Do not sugar or milk. 


All food items are non returnable. Or exchangeable.

Detox Tea 30 Days Supply

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