Fat Burning Pad

Worn inside your Reshaping Garment against your Skin. It has built in Magnets which helps increase your Blood flow. This then helps you to detox quicker. Great if you have a really large stomach as the fat will soften quicker. You will feel a tingling once your fat has started liquify. Drinking water helps to aid your detox when wearing.
Can be worn without a Reshaper but you will need some thing to keep it close to your body.

    Telephone or WhatsApp +44 77864 79271

    Farm Crescent Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4QD United Kingdom

    Postage Rates

    UK From £6.99

    Europe Postage £19.99

    USA  £14.99

    Canada up to £18.99

    Africa & Caribbean up to £79.99

    Asia & Australia up to £45.99

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