Revuele  Slim & Detox
Cream Mask Fat Burner  200ml
Intense weight-loss and cellulite elimination
The cream mask contains kaolin and hydrolyzed elastin, allowing to adjust the contours of the body, without the appearance of stretch marks and sagging. Since the synthesis of collagen and elastin is greatly reduced by 30 years, to preserve the elasticity of the skin it is necessary to maintain their level in the body. Elastin included in the product is well absorbed by the skin, has a humectant capacity, restores elasticity of the skin tissues, and improves overall skin tone.



Lipofirm LCW: is an innovative multifunctional slimming and anti-cellulite product. Its unique composition is a new approach to fat tissue reduction and overall skin tone improvement. The use of the product enables to:

Reduce subcutaneous water
Improve skin firmness
Create drainage and lipolytic effect reducing fat deposits.

The basis of the product consists of organic plant extracts rendering the natural slimming and body sculpting process. It has prolonged action allowing you to keep the achieved results even after termination of treatment.

Elastin: is easily absorbed by the skin. It has moisture retaining power, restores tissue elasticity and encourages improvement of the overall skin tone reducing visible manifestation of cellulitis. 

Ginseng root extract: elixir of the life force- prevents skin collagen and elastin from destruction, accelerates cell regeneration, has powerful rejuvenating effect.

L-Carnitin: significantly reduces skin puffiness caused by fat deposits.

Caffeine: enhances lipolytic effect of the other components included.

Rutin: improves microcirculation and strengthens capillary walls. It prevents from vascular network formulation. 

Seaweed: moisturise the skin and facilitates withdrawal of excess fluids and detoxification.

Horsetail, witch hazel and hop extracts: induce oxygen and fat metabolism, have powerful lipolytic effect encouraging your body to start natural slimming and rejuvenation mechanisms.



Apply a thick layer on the skin of problem areas. It is optimal to wrap the body in plastic film for 30-40 minutes. After use, rinse off with warm water. The frequency and duration of use is not limited.

Revuele Fat Burner Mask

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