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Our customer have allowed us to share their feedback with you. This in no way is to let you think the same results can be achieved by you. Each body is different and should be treated as such. If you need more help or advice before purchasing a garment please contact us as we are here to help YOU. 

I have tried many, many shapers out there, including all the top brands. This is by far, the best brand I have ever tried. Not only is it comfortable, but makes me feel confident again! My clothes look great on me, & this one has several added benefits that other ultra firm/firm shapers I have tried do not. It really does help my posture a great deal(something I have struggled with since high school, I am 42), and my back feels so good in it! This truly does give great back support, which is only enhanced by good posture. It slims all my not so slim areas, and instantly I feel good all over. My abs and back have never been the same, since I delivered my son by way of an emergency c-section, 5 years ago, despite my extremely active, (intense exercise, strength training and cardio, regularly) lifestyle. This Ardyss Body Magic not only makes me feel more confident, but physically good. 
Another huge benefit for me, is it slims the area that all the others I've tried seem to overlook, or do not provide enough support in-the lovehandle area. Although this garmet is pricey, the construction of it is amazingly sturdy, so I know it will last a long time with proper care (care & fitting guide was sent with my order this is one of the only sites I know of who do this, when I was talking to a friend about it she went away & brought one from a Auction site & wasnt sent anything but a used garment that someone didn't want. 
You must pay attention to the size chart,& make sure you get the correct size. I absolutely love this product, and will buy more of it and another style, as soon as I can afford it. Extremely well worth it. 
I admit I bought this off another online site out of I didn't think it could really work. However, a little over two months later I am now 12 lbs and 6 inches smaller...and in my FOURTH smaller sized body magic! This thing is incredible! It makes my back feel great, gives me good posture, and most of all it boosts my confidence just by having it on. I signed on to be a distributor as I wanted everyone to be able to feel this good, too. It does take a little getting used to undoing the crotch snaps to go to the restroom, but this becomes very easy after you get the hang of it.All the extra tips & advice I got was well worht it as it helpped me drop thoese extra sizes allot quicker than I had been expecting. 

I purchased a Man's Abdo vest online as a Birthday present & wanted to look good for my Party, Thank you Ardyss UK for getting rid of my Pot Belly & you where right it only took me 5 weeks to be a Pant size smaller so I purchased another one the size below & this time took your advice & also bruoght the ULTRA BODY DETOX you where right about my stomach going down & I trust your judgement about doing the Detox gosh I wish I had now just done it before,but better late than never, I have mentioned it at the Golf club only because mthe guys I play with couldnt believe the transformation was so quick, 


I am still a work in progress. But because of Ardyss, I am enjoying this task. I was just too lazy to put the effort into losing weight and living my life in better ways. But when CRAZY introduced me to the Ardyss Life, I found the determination within myself that I was unaware of before. I started the 6 day success plan she used to jump start her weight loss, along with the Body Magic and since then I have started to notice a fast change in my body, quick weight loss I was stunned and couldn't imagine this was really happening! I actually have the willingness now to walk around my neighborhood again. I am really happy with the results of the ARDYSS lifestyle. 
Look out Yo I’m cumin for ya!!!!! WOOOOOOO WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Thanks a Gazillion 


I love the products I receive from Ardyss UK each month. They have truly changed my life. I started off with the Body Magic. I paid the £120. It sounds pricey, but I wanted to make sure I was getting the original authentic one, since there are so many knockoffs these days. I'm glad I made the choice to purchase. I was a size 24 when I got it. Immediately I was able to fit into a size 44. I guess depending on your body size and/or type depends on the outcome. Also if you're not properly measured, you wont have the correct size and that will determine your initial response to the garment as well. I started taking the LeVive juice due to my high blood pressure. A friend of mine informed me that after two months of drinking LeVive her pressure levels & doing 1 month of THE ULTRA BODY DETOX COURSE I found was stable was able to get off some of my medication. I'm glad that I have achieve the same great results by drinking an a few ounces of the best tasting natural juice I've ever tasted. Thanks to both of these products after 3 months I was able to stablize my blood pressure, and I'm now able to fit into a size 20 without having the garment on. I have to say lots of sites just want to sell you the garment but this was the only one I personally found who Telephoned me to answer my questions & fully explained to me how & why it works, by following the programme sent with my order. 
My cousin went on to join the Buisness some months later after seeing the results on me & realizing she could do the Business Part- time & ARDYSS UK have help her succeed in Building Her Business in the United Kingdom and also in Germany.

Mrs B Borg

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